Candy-coated Pink

Forces of Nature: Whirlpools and Walmart Bath Rugs, 2008
Bath rugs and duct tape
dimensions: 108 inches x 116 inches

Installed at HEREart, New York City, New York, May 29 - July 5, 2014
Installed at Concordia University, Saint Paul, Minnesota. 2008
Installed at Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington, 2008

Forces of Nature: Tornados and Hula Hoops, 2009
Steel, irrigation tubing, cable ties, ratchet tie downs, and paint
Installed at 516 Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Forces of Nature: tornados and Hula Hoops, 2008
PVC irrigation tubing and paint
Installed at The Carnegie, Covington, Kentucky

Forces of Nature: tornados and Hula Hoops, 2007
PVC irrigation tubing and paint
Installed at the Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Inspired by diagrams of hurricane development and the “wonderful toy” the slinky, the inexpensive Slinky seems so simple, but the physics of the spring and theories of Hooke’s law visualize the limits of stress that can be endured before it cannot be corrected when the stress is removed. These sculptures combine these two visuals with a peaceful, but artificial, grassy eye of the storm.  The outdoor version was the first version which included six sculptures ranging from 3 feet in diameter to 9 feet in diameter.  While this series was on exhibit for three years at Georgetown College, I created a smaller, indoor version in which the largest sculpture is 6 feet in diameter.

Forces of Nature: Hurricanes and Slinkys (indoor), 2007
Steel, irrigation tubing, cable ties, paint, air fresheners, and artificial grass
Installed at Space 204, Ingram Studio Arts Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Forces of Nature: Hurricanes and Slinkys (outdoor), 2007-2010
Steel, irrigation tubing, cable ties, paint, and artificial grass
Installed in the Live, Learn, Believe outdoor exhibition, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky

It’s a Wonderful Toy, 2008
Plastic slinky toys, wood, hinges, magnets, permanent marker, and personal poem written on slinky

In August, 2012, A Wonderful Toy was added to the National Library of Spain located in Madrid.  This art book was part of the first Monumental Ideas in Miniature Book project organized and curated by Hui Chu Ying, Printmaking Professor, University of Akron.

"Big Little Books: Morgan Conservatory launches a seminal show," Cleveland Scene
by Douglas Max Utter, April 15, 2009
The following text is an excerpt from Cleveland review 2009.pdf

The 137 contemporary small works of art at Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books (MIMB as it's called at where the whole show is documented), painstakingly assembled by Hui-Chu Ying, associate professor at the University of Akron's Myers School of Art, constantly surprise the viewer with innovative combinations of materials, presentation and subject matter. 

Images vary from the horrific to the delightful; deadly serious subjects rub shoulders with whimsy. Relatively conventional fold-out formats predominate, seeming a little fusty (though often exquisitely well-constructed) next to the delicious funkiness of a piece like Leticia Bajuyo's "A Wonderful Toy," with text handwritten along the curls of a fuchsia-colored Slinky. 

Each [artist] produced five copies of a work slated to appear at venues around the U.S. and, so far, in nine other countries (including Sweden, Japan, Spain, Italy and Mexico) over the next three years.

Entitlement Pills: Wisdom and Joy, 2006
candy machine, Good & Plenty candy, and blue food color
49" x 20" x 12"