Glass Panels

Edge Friction, 2018-2019

Edge Friction is a series of glass panels focusing on the interstates and highways that take drivers past a range of components that support a contemporary lifestyle: landfills, bales of hay, an old company coming down, a new distribution center going up, and so on. Road engineers adjust the "edge friction" encourage drivers to slow down or speed up by controlling how many or how few vertical elements are within the driver's vision. The background images in these panels are photographs taken from the comfort of my truck, while the foreground layers doily-like spirals of text that are a hypnotic vortices with a mantra of "green grass" or "blue skies" that hides and interrupts the viewing of the landscape.  


Doilies, 2018

Doilies is a series of glass panels inspired by vinyl records, lace doilies, and vortices. In these panels, the doily-like spirals of text become hypnotic vortices with a mantra of "blue skies," “green grass”, and “white clouds” that is echoed in the shadows on the wall.