Glasstire - K Space Contemporary at La Palmera, Corpus Christi, Texas

“...sprawling malls, like any other profit-driven commercial space, are hyper-political spaces. And of course the indoor malls are becoming the ruins left behind by a growing online-economy.“

By Hannah Dean

July 7, 2018

“The most visually compelling of the works, Leticia R. Bajuyo’s Shiny Entropy, which is a vortex of CDs, reads like a black hole of outdated personal information, from computer backups to wedding videos to mix tapes. If you read the recent articles about Facebook and Google’s data on you, and how it never really goes away, Bajuyo’s archaic tide of technology could be the kind of physical manifestation of this notion that makes you shit your britches.”

What is Glasstire?
Glasstire is the oldest online-only art magazine in the country. We are proud to have promoted the visual arts in Texas to a local, regional and national audience since 2001. Glasstire is the only publication in Texas that is producing serious art criticism on a daily basis. We are the journal of record for the Texas visual art community.

Another version of this article appeared on July 4, 2018 in The Bowerbird, an art blog in Lubbock, TX.


Thank you Krinklglas for including Gaze-bo(ught) on your website gallery. This sculpture features a roof made with Krinklglas pink resin panels that become a rose colored lens.  When underneath, one is then bathed in pink light thanks to Krinklglas.

Decorative Architectural Panels

Krinklgslas is the premier manufacturer of translucent fiberglass reinforced panels, a versatile product that can be used for decorative and structural use, for both interior and exterior applications.

LaPalmera, Corpus Christi, Texas

June 21 and 22, 2018 were installation days for Shiny Entropy pieces at the LaPalmera Mall in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It was wonderful to join fellow Corpus Christi based artists Jennifer Arnold and Greg Reuter as this new partnership between K Space Contemporary and LaPalmera Mall grows. Thanks to the mall team especially Danielle, Bill, and Robert, both installations went well and by noon on June 22, both sites were audience and mall walker ready!

Thank you to K Space Contemporary and LaPalmera Mall for including me and my work in this new art exhibit partnership in Corpus Christi. 


Shiny Entropy: Rectangles 

Six panels, each panel 7ft x 3.5ft x 2in

Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Aluminum, and Stainless steel hardware.


 Shiny Entropy: Vortex 

7ft x 7ft x 5ft

Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Aluminum, and Stainless steel hardware.

Kemp Center for the Arts, Wichita Falls, Texas

May 10, 2018 - May 9, 2019  

I am honored that Gaze-bo(ught) was selected to be one of the ten outdoor sculptures which will be installed for this year-long exhibition of Art On The Green Sculpture Garden at the Kemp Center for the Arts.  

Gaze-bo(ught) is a gazebo in a gazebo in a gazebo.  Each gazebo form is shaped like a gem and painted a saturated pink.  The roof is made of pink resin panels that become a rose colored lens that when underneath, one is then bathed in pink light. The interior of the sculpture is covered in thick artificial grass, which is always the perfect green and never needs to be mowed.  

And as we installed “Gaze-bo(ught)” it was a continual flashback to Grand Rapids 2016! I am thankful for the help and support to the many people who helped bring this sculpture into being in 2016. Special Thanks to:

21c Museum Hotels and ArtPrize
ESL / Spectrum, Lighting, Controls, and Design, Indianapolis, IN
Luckett & Farley, Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design, Louisville, KY
Krinklglas Dimensional Plastics, Hialeah, FL
Fizz's Bike Shop, Madison, IN
Madison Iron Works, Madison, IN
Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids,

Joshua Hamilton
Aida Beth Bajuyo-Hamilton
McHugh Family
Jackie McAllister
Jacque Parsley
West Street Art Center
Karen & Jeff
John Shake
Kay Stokes
Paula Katz and Travis Belden
Rusty and Becky Freeman
J & J Pallesen
Mr. and Mrs. Gravatte
Dr. Michael F. Duffy
Jason S. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton
Dr. and Mrs. Bajuyo
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Brons
Callin Cherry
Gerin Moblo
Tim Albon
Kathy Bego and Gene Bego
Amy and Andy Schmidt
Emily Martin

K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas

Edge Friction - Deinstallation
K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas 
March 2 - April 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this exhibition possible and that includes the deinstallation!  The deinstallation of these exhibitions is never as exciting as the installation, but it is a process that is vital to the next installation as all the strands of discs get boxed back up and the 2x4's turn into a pile of lumber.  

Thank you Michelle Smythe, Jennifer Arnold, and Cheryl Votzmeyer for all your work, help, coordination, and support on both ends and the transition to Phase II of this exhibition!  During deinstallation, K Space's rocking crew including Jalyn, Gerald, Payton, and Lars helped so much to get this multi-part solo exhibition into my truck and trailer.  Additionally, I thankful to Catey Arnold for joining the CD crew and helping me in the evenings.

It was a pleasure and honor to get to be part of the K Space exhibition season and to get to design installations for their gallery!  THANK YOU!



South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana

An Ekphrastic Event for Sharing the Muse 2018

This is the third year the South Bend Museum of Art has invited local poets to the museum to write a poem in response to a work in the collection.  These are then published in a chapbook and the museum hosts a public reading. I am honored that Anne Fefferman selected Amplitude for the subject of her creative writing.  Below is the front cover and page 7 of this chapbook.

Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama 

In the Belly of the Beast: A Metal Casting Exhibition
Stephen Smith Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama
May 4-August 26, 2018

On my to-do list this week - preparing and packing my sculpture Interest Only for shipping to the Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama. I am honored to be included in this juried group exhibition In the Belly of the Beast: A Metal Casting Exhibition at the Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, AL.  I am looking forward to being part of this group exhibition of fellow sculptors and getting to work with sculptor and curator Stacey Holloway

My addition to the exhibit will be: 
Interest Only, 2017
Bronze, steel, paint, acrylic, artificial grass, and 52 soaps
43” x 7.5” x 7.5”

Interest Only was beautifully described by curator Karen Gillenwater for Project 19: Naturall at Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY:

Relating directly to the idea of obsolescence through its ephemeral nature, Interest Only erodes the exurban dream of abundant lives and orderly landscapes. Gallery visitors are invited to wash their hands with Monopoly hotel soaps created by the artist. The soap is used and melts, “like an interest-only loan; no principal or equity grows,” says the artist, “but when totally spent and the soap dish’s patina has changed, a new house is pulled out and the cycle starts anew. Lessons or insights are washed away as the promise of the clean, fresh, American dream of success seems abundant.” For the generations who came of age playing the popular board game, this shape is perhaps more commonly associated than any other with ideas of consumption and the accumulation of personal property. The bronze soap dish resembles the excavated, scarred earth that typically surrounds newly constructed homes prior to the addition of landscaping, which is waiting in the drawers below in the form of artificial grass, along with a supply of identical houses to maintain the cycle.


Space One Eleven, Birmingham, Alabama

Through Glass, 2018
University of Alabama at Birmingham and Space One Eleven
March 4-8, 2018

It was wonderful to work with UAB faculty Stacey Holloway and Jared Ragland and with Space One Eleven's Director of Programs Cheryl Lewis, and CEO Peter Prinz both in the planning and execution of this project and visit to Birmingham. Beginning on Sunday, March 4th, I worked with students from University of Alabama at Birmingham to install in Space One Eleven.  This Birmingham visit continued at the university campus where I met with Sculpture classes and presented a public lecture. This installation will be on display till July 2018.

On the UAB News page, they have posted details prior to the visit and installation.

K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas



For Phase 1 of this two-month solo exhibition, there are four installations and fourteen small works that have been designed in response to the gallery's architectural features and nuances. Of the four sections: two have ceiling suspension, one will be on casters for the gallery staff to continue to redesign the movement through the space, and another welcomes visitors at the door.  

Furthermore, since this exhibition is in the city I live in, I will be able to continue to work with the institution during the exhibition.  This includes workshops and gallery talks with a significant shift in the installation at the end of March in time for the April Art Walk.  

K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas
March 2 – April 26, 2018
Friday, March 2, 6-9pm - Opening Reception during the Corpus Christi March First Friday Art Walk

Friday, April 6, 6-9pm - 2nd Reception during the Corpus Christi April First Friday Art Walk

K Space Contemporary is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to presenting and promoting contemporary art. As a forum for creative exchange and experimentation, we aspire to educate and build awareness for innovative art in South Texas. K Space Contemporary is located in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. K Space Contemporary is the oldest alternative art space in the Coastal Bend region.

A primary goal of the organization is to exhibit emerging and mid-career artists. K Space provides a forum for under-represented artists whose works are experimental, non-commercial, or difficult to exhibit due to unusual installation requirements or site-specific ideas.

COOP Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee

Land Report East 5 
COOP Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee
March 3-30, 2018

Turf Rolls, 2017
Artificial grass, wood, steel, paint, and tiny homes

I am excited to be a part of this upcoming group exhibition of works by the members of Land Report Collective
For this exhibition titled Land Report East 5, I will be displaying Turf Roll, 2017.

The Land Report Collective deals with landscape in fundamental ways and as a foundational reference point. Bajuyo’s work is fueled by compassion and a critique of capitalism, as she explores perceptions of value in order to foster an awareness of the role of social amnesia on consumer behavior. Brown considers the politics of mountaintop removal in his construction of objects and installations while also creating playful formal assemblages. Jobe typically creates schemes for public interaction through the delineation of pathways or through site-specific focal points. Jones responds to desert environments with experimental interactions, model scale sculpture, and large scale outdoor works. Kikut incorporates a lifelong interest in the horizon line in a series of paintings with flat Midwestern landscapes as his muse. Shadwell views the landscape from a non-traditional lens, responding to ephemeral images from highway road cameras, monumental mining operations and the optical nature of the salt flats through drawing, sculpture and video installation.

Leticia Bajuyo
Jason S. Brown
Brian R. Jobe
David L. Jones
Patrick Kikut
Shelby Shadwell