A golden era, a golden voice, a golden opportunity... such a glorious adjective yields visions of success, warmth, and opportunity.  In these artworks, the use of color contributes to the explorations of perceived value that is either sought after or has been lost.

Wow and Flutter: Noiseless and Pistol Whip were installed in 2012 in the Anne Wright Wilson Gallery at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky during a two-person show titled The Hanover Connection.

Wow and Flutter: Revolutions in coded, de-coded, re-coded memory
Installed in 2011 at the Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
This exhibition was curated by Joey Yates and was a two-person show including two collaborative installations by Joshua Hamilton and myself.

Alison McMenamin, Recall and Wow and Flutter at Vox, The Artblog, March 14, 2011.  The Artblog 2011.pdf



The above images are from a series of installations titled Daily Soaps that I made between 2001-2006. Inspired by soap operas, self-help books, spiritual rituals, and product marketing especially shampoo and face soap, each washing station features a hand-made, rose-scented soap that suggests it can wash off everything from guilt to apathy.  As the soaps are used and the words disappear, the bronze cast soap dishes patina while the water gets cloudy which darkens the shadow below the fiberglass sink.  An anticipated conclusion that is set on repeat if "Daily Soaps" marketing is successful.


Trophy Girls, 2002
cast hydrocal, styrofoam, paint, and fabric
each trophy girl 3.5"x 5"x 1.5"  installation 4' x 9'x 9'

Installed in the Race St. Gallery In Space, 
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Often, the only difference from one trophy to the next is the base.  For example, the golfer girl on the top of every golf trophy is identical while the height of the trophy base, the numbers of the year, the place in rank, and the plaque on the front that names the course and the tournament provides the specific significance.  What happens when the visible base, linear definition, evident purpose is gone but the figure is just as perky, just as gold as before?