Event Horizon, 2012

Gallery H100, Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas

Event Horizon, 2012

Installed in Gallery H100, Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas

Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Ratchet tie down straps, Bungee cords, Irrigation tubing, Eye bolts and eye screws, Sheet metal and wood screws, Fender washers, Threaded metal rods and bolts, 2x4s and plywood, Black paint, Theremin, and Speakers with amplifiers

Event Horizon was redesigned for the new exhibition space H100 at Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas.  In collaboration with the "Austinauts," the two musicians Marcosis and Fluri wrote 30-minute pieces that was performed on/in the sculpture at the opening reception on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012.

Photos by Rino Pizzi