K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas

Edge Friction - Deinstallation
K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas 
March 2 - April 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this exhibition possible and that includes the deinstallation!  The deinstallation of these exhibitions is never as exciting as the installation, but it is a process that is vital to the next installation as all the strands of discs get boxed back up and the 2x4's turn into a pile of lumber.  

Thank you Michelle Smythe, Jennifer Arnold, and Cheryl Votzmeyer for all your work, help, coordination, and support on both ends and the transition to Phase II of this exhibition!  During deinstallation, K Space's rocking crew including Jalyn, Gerald, Payton, and Lars helped so much to get this multi-part solo exhibition into my truck and trailer.  Additionally, I thankful to Catey Arnold for joining the CD crew and helping me in the evenings.

It was a pleasure and honor to get to be part of the K Space exhibition season and to get to design installations for their gallery!  THANK YOU!