Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama 

In the Belly of the Beast: A Metal Casting Exhibition
Stephen Smith Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama
May 4-August 26, 2018

On my to-do list this week - preparing and packing my sculpture Interest Only for shipping to the Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama. I am honored to be included in this juried group exhibition In the Belly of the Beast: A Metal Casting Exhibition at the Stephen Smith Gallery in Birmingham, AL.  I am looking forward to being part of this group exhibition of fellow sculptors and getting to work with sculptor and curator Stacey Holloway

My addition to the exhibit will be: 
Interest Only, 2017
Bronze, steel, paint, acrylic, artificial grass, and 52 soaps
43” x 7.5” x 7.5”

Interest Only was beautifully described by curator Karen Gillenwater for Project 19: Naturall at Zephyr Gallery, Louisville, KY:

Relating directly to the idea of obsolescence through its ephemeral nature, Interest Only erodes the exurban dream of abundant lives and orderly landscapes. Gallery visitors are invited to wash their hands with Monopoly hotel soaps created by the artist. The soap is used and melts, “like an interest-only loan; no principal or equity grows,” says the artist, “but when totally spent and the soap dish’s patina has changed, a new house is pulled out and the cycle starts anew. Lessons or insights are washed away as the promise of the clean, fresh, American dream of success seems abundant.” For the generations who came of age playing the popular board game, this shape is perhaps more commonly associated than any other with ideas of consumption and the accumulation of personal property. The bronze soap dish resembles the excavated, scarred earth that typically surrounds newly constructed homes prior to the addition of landscaping, which is waiting in the drawers below in the form of artificial grass, along with a supply of identical houses to maintain the cycle.