Event Horizon, 2012
Installed at the Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin, Texas.
Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Ratchet tie down straps, Bungee cords, Irrigation tubing, Eye bolts and eye screws, Sheet metal and wood screws, Fender washers, Threaded metal rods and bolts, 2x4s and plywood, Black paint, Theremin, and Speakers with amplifiers
Dimensions: 10 feet H x 25 feet W x 30 feet L

An "event horizon" or point of no return on the edge of a black hole is a phrase common to science fiction books, tv shows, and movies.  The two curved vortex walls, built of whim, desire, and purchasing trends, transforms yesterday’s media hits and today’s detritus into a disco vortex, a material and technological Event Horizon.

An austinaut plays theremin at the opening night of Leticia Bajuyo's installation, Event Horizon. Women and their Work | Austin, TX | June 30, 2012

Event Horizon was a solo-exhibition at the Women and Their Work gallery in Austin, Texas.  This exhibtion was made possible in part through support from the Visual Artists Network Exhibition residency, which is a program of the National Performance Network. Major contributors are the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.  

Photos by Rino Pizzi