Dual Wielding, 2014

Myers Gallery, Living Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
March 9 - April 24, 2014

Dual Wielding II, 2014
Installed in the Myers Gallery, Living Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The opening reception was part of the 21st annual New Genre Arts Festival.  The reception featured performances on the Theremin by local musician Mark Kuykendall.

Media: Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Ratchet tie down straps, Bungee cords, Irrigation tubing, Eye bolts and eye screws, Sheet metal and wood screws, Fender washers, Threaded metal rods and bolts, plywood, Black paint, Theremin, and Speakers with amplifiers

Dimensions: length from Theremin to farthest edge of horn openings 35 feet, widest width between the arms 22 feet, and width between the horn openings 6 feet and 7 inches