Silent CD Horns

Amplitude II, 2016
Installed at the Tony Hillerman Library, Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 2016 - May 2017

Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Ratchet tie down straps, Bungee cords, Irrigation tubing, Eye bolts and eye screws, Sheet metal screws, Fender washers, and Threaded metal rods and bolts.

Photos by Renee Romero and 516 ARTS

 Titled: DECADE, This installation was part of a special group exhibition and series of site projects throughout the city.  In celebration of 516 ARTS 10th anniversary, ten artists were selected from the artists who have exhibited at 516 ARTS during the past ten years. I was honored to be one of the artists in this group exhibition and series of off-site projects draws from the diverse local, national and international artists they have worked with since 516 ARTS opened. 


Amplitude, 2015
Installed in the  South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana
Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Aluminum, Stainless steel cable, and hardware.

Based on my installation of Tesseracts at the Biennial 27,  the Curatorial Committee of the South Bend Museum of Art commissioned a permanent, site-specific CD installation for the corridor of the Century Center connecting the Warner and Carmichael Galleries.  Similar to Dual Wielding, this suspended sculpture has two horns; however, instead of irrigation tubing and ratchet tie downs, this CD installation has an aluminum skeleton and is supported by stainless steel cables.  


Dual Phonic, 2015
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, Indiana
Donated CD and DVD discs, Monofilament, Cable ties, Ratchet ties, Aluminum, and Stainless steel hardware.
Dimensions: 6ft x 5ft x 3ft

Finders Keepers, August 19 – September 17, 2015
This exhibition includes works by twelve artists in a geocaching art scavenger hunt. Each artist has created miniature artworks, which are hidden throughout Fountain Square and the southern part of downtown and can be located using the GPS coordinates provided.  Full-size examples of each of the artist’s work will be on view to accompany the outdoor scavenger hunt iMOCA at the Murphy in Fountain Square.

art installation using discarded CDs and DVDs at the Herron Gallery, 7/16/2009 Herron School of Art And Design at IUPUI Indianapolis. exhibit ran through 8-8-09. Leticia is Art Professor at Hanover College music by David Blonski

Entropy, 2009
Donated CD and DVD discs, 2x4s, Monofilament, Cable ties, Sheet metal and wood screws, and Fender washers.
Installed at The Eleanor Prest Reese and The Robert B. Berkshire Galleries, Indianapolis, Indiana

Entropy was part of the three person exhibition titled 3 x 3.  This was a unique exhibition experience: Paula Katz, the Gallery Director of the Herron School of art, invited three regional curators to each select one artist from the city or region to exhibit at Herron - hence the title "3 x 3".  Jay Jordan, curator and director of the New Contemporary Center in Louisville, Kentucky, invited me to design a new installation for The Eleanor Prest Reese and The Robert B. Berkshire Galleries, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana.  This invitation led to the first CD installation.